Wagamama—Futuristic Shopping Mall
Project completed for Topics: Motion Graphics
Instructor—Shira Inbar


In many scientific films today, directors have been showing people a potential possibility that in the future, technology will  replace human labour: robots take over regular human jobs. In this case, I am thinking about creating a futuristic shopping mall that customers can own an unusual shopping experience in this "dream paradise" which I named WAGAMAMA (taken from the famous Japanese ramen restaurant). 

What will futuristic shopping malls look like when everything is run by new technology and robots? How is the customer service experience different from the one in regular earth malls? What can future malls benefit from new technologies? Bringing all these questions, my three-episode animations, still of style frames,  gifs highlighting the animation below kindly give my audiences an answer. 


For the 3D illustration to my virtual space, they represent the advancement of new technology of robots and futuristic scenery. The color choices are carefully selected based on the idea of giving my audiences a sense of futuristic while friendliness on another space. The first video is a general introduction to WAGAMAMA, the shopping mall. This title sequence video is meant to explain what the mall looks like and why it is considered to be the "universal best shopping mall": it is answered through a series of features inside the mall. 




Style Frames


Print Design