"Shadow Talker" News Project

Shadow Talker News project is a fun brief to work with in my junior motion graphic class with instructor Shira Inbar. This brief allows me to come up with a story and logo idea of a news event. For me, I am always attracted by supernatural events on TV series. "Shadow Talker" is inspired by this personal obsession. This motion design is my very first time experiencing and playing with blurry texts and imageries. My story is about a 10-year-old girl talks to her grand-grand-grand-grand-grandfather on her iPhone by using SIRI. This news video is meant to incorporate a couple vital visual elements, including the female speaker, lines and dots in order to create a supernatural atmosphere for audiences. The voice over is done by myself. I firstly wrote down the texts,  recorded and then edited in Adobe Audition.

Design/Animation: Rebecca Zhou

Creative Direction: Shira Inbar


Style Frames