Re-envision Theater—System Design
Senior thesis project at Parsons School of Design
Instructor—Juliette Cezzar


Re-envision Theater is to provide small and young theaters a design system that guides their branding structure for both online and physical platforms. These theaters often have limited budgets, and more alarmingly, do not have solid brand systems. The project helps these theaters to customize and align their brands with their experimental and innovative performances using graphic design. 

The experience starts with a package mailed to theaters showing what their theater could look like using this design system, including a system guide, ticket designs (physical and digital), a ticket-buying experience demo, seat numbers and coat check tag designs, an intermission guide, and an after-the-show pamphlet. Then, theater companies can visit the website, which shows how to use the design system and customize each graphic piece in the theater.

The emphasis in this project is about accessibility and affordability, since not every theater has the budget to hire design studios to rebrand their identity and atmosphere. By using the design system, small and young theaters can start to understand the important role graphic design plays in a space to enhance the experience for customers, from the ticket-buying experience to the after-performance experience.


Disciplines: Branding, Interface Design, User Experience Design


The Package, hand folded and raster engraved in the laser lab at Parsons School of Design

Design system: Introduce the system to theatre companies and act as a bridge to the website

 The experience of opening the package 

Theatre tickets: customers can fold it twice and the size fits right in their back pockets

Ticket-buying experience demo: This part is specifically built for vision and hearing impaired customers | UI/UX designed in Sketch and Principle

After-the-show pamphlet: Topics about email, photo, space, and media 

Ticket-buying experience demo:  folded pamphlet in the package

The intermission guide: 16 activities for theater companies to customize with