01      Library project (on-going): Arsene Schrauwen, by Olivier Schrauwen, is a graphic novel I found in the Vera List Library. I designed two posters to reflect the hilarious content of the novel.

Type: (Top) Favorit @ABCDinamo / Traulha Jornau ; 

           (Bottom) Gosha Sans @pangram.pangram / Droulers

02      The Blue Man Group    24x18''

This three-part poster series promote the return of renowned performance company The Blue Man Group

Type: GT Walsheim @GrilliType

03      Personal logo animation

This is a design exercise showing me (Becca Zhou) as a vintage glasses collector.


04      Find a flyer and redesign it

Type: (Top) Chapter and Tekno @GoodTypeFoundry

           (Bottom) Pareto @ABCDinamo

05      In search for Russian's lost gold    Hand-drawn / Animated

A map illustration featured in BBC's fascinating piece about searching for Russian tsar Nicolas II’s lost gold. Incorporating the railroad track, the map shows the train route through Siberia. To avoid designing a kitchy and  pirate map, I researched a bit about the typography that are used in old-timey maps.

06      Thailand’s ancient colour tradition

Type:Chapeau @Milieu Grotesque


07      Sneak preview of the 2017 Halloween Week    Hand-drawn / Animated

Theses are the editorial commissions for BBC Travel about sneak preview of the 2017 Halloween Week. The GIFs closely tie to the featured journals, Garlic cuisine roots, the unluckiest village in Italy, flaming drinks, etc.